We expect to earn a certain amount, marry a certain person, finish what we started. Often times (for better or for worse) what we get is different.

There is no concrete structure to life. We are born, we do, we die. Expectations are standards which we believe correlate with reality. Sometimes life slaps you with a wakeup call and reminds you that the world doesn’t revolve around us but rather it presents itself to us.

The world is a place of opportunity, think of it like a dart board. Sometimes you get what you wanted if youre good enough at it, sometimes you may get lucky and even score more than expected, sometimes like we have all experienced you will miss the board altogether.

Yes it is good to have a standard which you work hard to maintain, but don’t allow it to weigh you down if life decides to slap you with a hurtz donut.

At the end of the day your life is about what you do, not what you get.

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