Happiness, a goal for life?

The pursuit of happiness being the meaning of life for many individuals is a concept that I find very troubling. This deligitimizes many pursuits which people encounter on a daily bases and causes people to pursue dopamine rather than an intrinsic contentness in life.

Recently I got a fade, and this somehow has brought more individuals into my private messages. This has brought me joy. With my caveman look, as you can see in this video I am indeed very happy. This doesn’t mean that I am a happy person, in fact for a while now I have more bad days than good. I need to decide for myself what to feel and when to feel it, I dont want the main root of my happiness to be the day I get my haircut. I have to consciously allow myself to be happy for who I am and not what is perceived of me.

The choices we make dictate the life we live. The meaning of life falls in between the lines of choices we make. I choose to be sad on some days, I cannot allow myself to be in a constant joyus state whilst being aware of my cousins arbitrary confinement in East Turkestan.

If we were to seek dopamine for all of our life, then all we would become is a row boat whose movement is guided by the ebb and flow of the ocean that is society. Allow yourself to be on a guided path, even if the waters seem choppy.

Be conscious of what you are feeling and why you are feeling it. Is this joy intrinsic or is it a reaction to a meaningless stimulus.

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