Full Send /fo͝ol send/: To be completely immersed within a task in a given moment.

Nowadays it is so hard for people to start things, let alone being fully immersed. We fear the concept of failure more than failure itself. The pessimist in our head always pulling us away from our dreams and desires.

This was my first time ever on a dirt-bike, when my friend Nicky asked if I knew how to ride it I said “Yeah bro, but could you refresh me”. After stalling countless times I got the hang of it, ripping up and down the beach like the madman I am.

This “bravery” didn’t come at once, nor do I advise people to full send on a crotch rocket the first time they sit on it; it is a process. Over the years I have slowly pushed my capacity for fear and discomfort to the point that failure doesn’t scare me like it used to. Don’t get me wrong, I still have the voice in my head warning me of all the things that can go wrong but a new voice emerged over the years that reminds me of how awesome it would be if I just “send it”.

Humans are creatures of habit, that is why it is important to be consistent when it comes to pushing your comfort zone. I sleep on the floor at home so I can manage multi-day trips in the back of my car. I go for runs during the rain so I can endure the windstorms in a jacket and feel comfortable.

Doing the extraordinary is not comfortable, it requires effort. If an extraordinary life is what you desire then your journey starts today and never ends. The consistency for an extraordinary life doesn’t start with hectic tasks, but rather the smallest things. If a person always chooses the simple and safe path how would I expect them to join me on a camping trip through the rainstorm. If you never swam in your life, how could I expect you to join me on a spearfishing adventure.

If a simple life is what you desire, hats off to you. I wish I could settle for a simple life but my conscience doesn’t allow for it. And if a hectic life is what interests you then please subscribe to my blog.

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