Cosmically Correct Choices?

With a world ever-so-masive, we often have trouble figuring out what the “right” choice is.

A child’s life is limited to their family and the meaning for their life would be family, their capacity for choice is at the fundamental level of figuring out what to eat and when to sleep. As one grows they learn about different things about this world. The definition for the meaning of life expands, making it harder to navigate through decisions. With the addition of justifying “negative” habits it becomes even harder to make choices.

I would like to start off by saying “I haven’t figured it out myself, but there is a way that I think we can approach this question

Step one to finding any answer is to start searching. Allow yourself to try new things, say yes and allow yourself to seek discomfort to find serenity. Immerse yourself within the field and be present in the process.

Step 2 would be to reflect upon your decisions. Take time to think about your values, morals and ambitions. Compare them to the actions you have taken, and adjust accordingly.

Life is full of lessons and blessings. Only through action are results yielded. Even with negative experiences, these lessons can become blessings if we internalize the knowledge. Keep searching, keep working and I’m sure you will find something.

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