What to do?

What do you want to be when you grow up?

Choosing career paths requires a fine balance between rationalism and ambition. We need to first reflect on our capacity to work, areas of strengths and our interests.

Once you have a reasonable sense of your aspirations and capabilities, you can start sifting through available opportunities.

I am an advocate for education and believe we should always strive on improving ourselves and pushing our boundaries. Education is not limited to a post secondary degree from college or universities. One can learn through real life experience or even online resources. Education broadens your scope of opportunity and makes it easier to navigate through decisions.

The reality is that there is no right answer to what you should do for work. In my life I have worked in many different fields from tree planting to IT services, none of which I have professional training in nor an inclination to work in again.

I believe in the classic human method of “trial and error”. Only through trying something can we decide whether or not it is something we want to do for work.

This is no one answer to how people should pursue careers; just a few lessons I’ve learned which I hope you can use to help you figure out your own journey.

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