How do you know when to quit?

I tried avoiding this topic because of the negative connotation humans attribute to quitting.

Be it quitting a job, relationship, bad habits or school, this decision isn’t an easy one. The intention of quitting was probably not set when you started an endeavour, making it hard for many to leave toxicity.

As cheesy as it is, weighing the pros and cons on a piece of paper helps visualize your thoughts. In a harmful situation, people are often stuck because of 1 or 2 major pros that overshadow the many cons.

Try reflecting on the intention you made when choosing your endeavour. Think about your initial goals; this is important for relationships, drug abuse, work and school. If you deviated majorly and are unsatisfied with results there are 2 questions you can ask yourself: how is it going and where do I want it to go.

Sometimes people are overwhelmed by the amount of effort it takes to reach their initial goal and feel they should stop. In terms of work I believe people should put in their best as growth is made through experience.

Some things are hard to quit because of our reliance on it. A net positive outcome is the goal, and if quitting something will help you work towards your greater goals then it is worth it. Abandoning commitments are frowned upon, but also very necessary under given circumstances.

Finally I wanted to mention the power of dialogue. Let your loved ones know your concerns, some insight wouldn’t hurt.

I remember I told a mentor of mine that I had trouble saying no to people. He told me “that a no for something shows that you’re giving a stronger yes to something else”. Say yes to your well being, say yes to healthy relationships, say yes to putting effort in school and work; say no to what taints the soul, burdens your mind and hurts your heart.

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