To Give is to Recieve

Whether you look at the concept of giving through a spiritual or a social construct, it is the root of growth for any group of people.

When you give, you are putting positivity on earth. Although you yourself may not instantly reap the benefits of giving, the net positive impact will reach those around you. Create a space that will support your own growth down the line.

The concept of karma works better when everyone believes in it. Put yourself in the shoes of the receiving party; this can be in the form of receiving money, advice, love or time. When someone acts kind to you, an appreciation for that person arises. The odds that you will give back will also increase. Imagine a world where everyone acts as such.

Unfortunately in the past century, the individualistic mindset has caused many to give less. People want to get to the top of the ladder and be on top alone. Throughout history, we were only able to survive through the communal effort.

With the modern day advancements and the idea that we don’t “need” anyone to reach our goals is becoming more prevalent and is still as absurd as ever.

Society attributes “giving” to money, but the best form of giving is time. When you give your time it becomes more personal. When you are giving your time, you learn and connect with the cause. Many will donate money to organizations that do great work, but leave it at that without ever looking deeper into what they’re supporting.

A common statement is that “I will start giving more once I myself am set”. To that I say, the desire for more never disappears. The more you earn the more your expenses will get as everything is in balance.

You can give in many ways. When you give knowledge, you pass on information while supporting your own understanding. When you give your time, you create bonds between people and contribute to the term community. When you give money, you empower those individuals to pass on the favour down the line.

I work at the Muslim Foodbank, and everyday we see people that you would never expect to be needing support. Give not because you have to, rather because you never know when you will need it.

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