Strength can be seen as our capacity to undergo tasks. These tasks can be emotional, physical, mental or spiritual. Everyone wants to have the strength to move boulders, but not everyone is able to.

Although it is important for us as people to work on our shortcomings, being strong and having strength are different things. One can be strong yet still crumble under circumstances, and many people who may think of themselves to be weak can team up and go to the school parking lot and carry the principals car for a prank.

True strength is in synergy. The pyramids weren’t built by one man, the constitution took many, and it takes two to make one person.

One can try to master all the arts and fall short, or they can spend a fraction of the time building their circle that would have all the necessary assets.

Having a circle that is spiritually strong will enable you have steadfastness in your faith. Build a group that you can contribute your strengths, allowing you to collaborate with people who are gifted in other ways.

This is by no means an excuse for you to not work on growing yourself, but rather I hope you use this as motivation to work harder. To be a part of a great team, you yourself have to be great.

It’s a fine balance between working on yourself and working on your community, both equally rewarding. Let’s switch from the colonial individualistic lifestyle to a more wholistic community approach.

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