With 7.7 billion people on Earth spanning over 195 countries, we often feel like our voice is insignificant. The reality is that yes, individually we are pretty insignificant; It is through the cumulative approach where we can make significant change.

In a world ever so fast paced we tend to conform to societal norms without using discretion. I am no conspiracy theorist, but there are people in this world who are constantly trying to impose arbitrary constructs unto the public that mainly benefit themselves at the cost of our resources.

We live in a world with supervillains but no active heroes. In China, millions of Uyghurs are being oppressed. Recently in France, hijabs have been banned for girls under the age of 18. We all know of the atrocities America has committed on foreign land as well as towards their own citizens. Billion-dollar companies are relying on slavery and we still purchase their products.

These so called supervillain don’t come in large numbers, they are cowards who push contracts and wager the world without our permission. The general public outnumbers them by billions, yet we still think we don’t have a voice.

Your voice is as loud as you make it. Your voice extends through the work of your family and friends. Be vigilant in your actions and don’t succumb to the cheap thrills that they are using to control us.

Speak up not for me, or anyone else for that matter, speak up for yourself. People have laid claim unto this world, you have the same rights to it as any oppressor thinks they have. Use your voice to take a stand.

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