Power Through

Sometimes you don’t win, sometimes.

It’s been a demanding summer. Many of the deadlines I have set for myself I had not managed to fulfill. Believe me, I had thought about about giving up. I have thought about capitalizing on my ideas and take the easy path of finding work that pays well. Many of these thoughts arise when we get the sense that we are “burning out”.

I remember writing a song titled Daily Dose of Depression in hopes of reminding myself that I shouldn’t forget about all the good things in my life.

“Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water”

Similarly, sometimes I feel drained. Sometimes I don’t win. The key phrase here is “sometimes”. I cannot stress this enough, the negative episodes in life are simply that, they are episodes. Don’t allow snippets of distress to misguide your trajectory. Yes you are tired, yes you can overcome it.

One thing I realized in the past couple of weeks is that through hard work and overcoming this sense of fatigue, we can create gems that excite us to keep going. It’s a chicken and an egg problem; we need the motivation to complete our projects, and we need to see the projects through as they are what drive us to take on future endeavours.

Your life isn’t defined by the negative or the positive moments in your life, rather it is the way we present ourselves under given circumstances.

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