When it is all said and done, what now?

Whether it be the end of a project you’ve been working on or a journey you have set yourself to, what does one do when they finish?

The final step in a paper, story, or a movie for that matter, is to write the conclusion. People think that the end of their degree is the conclusion, but this is the falling action. You need to reflect on your accomplishments, be aware of your strengths, weaknesses and most importantly the areas for future consideration.

2021 has been quite the year, I made a short film, finished my degree, and worked on multiple campaigns; but now that the deadlines are met and this surplus of time exists, I need to make sure that I internalized these experiences.

The world takes a lot away from us. They downplay our accomplishments and highlight the useless reels they deem to be a worthy example of what a life should be. Make sure you are in tune with your actions. Do what you want to see yourself doing in a society of people who could care less about your actions.

Conclude your actions by asking yourself essential questions. Did you work hard enough? Have you overworked yourself at times? How can you increase your output? Of the things you have done, what did you excel at? What are some things you would love to do again and what is it that you never want to do again?

This isn’t an exhaustive list. There are many questions you can be asking yourself at the end of your mission. Make sure that the questions you are asking yourself are relevant to your goal.

Be conscious. Too many people have lost the ability to sit alone with their thoughts. Have a meaningful conversation with your actions, probe your mind for tendencies that have led you to success or may have led you astray. This act of reflecting shouldn’t be reserved for the grander accomplishments, but rather the technique can and should be sprinkled throughout our day.

Now that your shift is over, what could you have done better. Now that your date is over, what are your intentions. Now that you finished some classes, what have you learned?

The only way to improve is to be aware of one’s shortcomings. Good-luck on your journey.

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