What’s wrong?

They tell us to choose wisely, but has anyone defined their own wisdom?

A man who has seen much negativity in life would consider it wise to hesitate before saying yes to an opportunity, where as a lucky man will preach the full send method based on his own wisdom.

I’ve been deep in thought questioning the life and path I have chosen.
What is right, what is wrong?
Who is here to stay and who is in the way?

To answer some of these questions I thought back in life of moments where I had to make similar decisions, but every moment and decision is unique.

I have come to the conclusion that decisions are seldom black and white, and have to be assessed constantly. A yes is a yes, but over time can become a no.
Although it is smart to go to the gym, but upon an injury we have to reassess the situation and make the decisions again.

There are many categories of decisions that I will be focussing over the next year, for there is a lot to decide on.

Choosing work, a hobby, a pastime, a partner, choosing where we spend our money.

I have learned that there is no clear cut answer to making decisions. But there is a clear cut method at improving, and that is practice.

I’ve made plenty of horrible choices in life, but they would only remain to be horrible choices if I had not derived a lesson from it. The beautiful thing about life is that you can always change yourself, and you have until your last breath to do so.

I’ve met people who served life and returned to the world as humble men who work to put only positivity in this world. I’ve met saints who slowly drifted off their path and hurt people.

My only advice with making decisions is to be aware of them. Make your intentions and keep an eye on the progression. If the outcome deviates from the intention, this should be taken as the opportunity to reassess.

My thoughts on this are not finalized, as none of these posts really are. I hope to gather more knowledge on the matter and share some wisdom down the line Inshalla .


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