Hang in there!

Looking back in time, I started to remember some of the promises and conversations I had with myself. At 19 I made the intention of not succumbing to the narrative that has been prepped for me.

Doing my best to pursue my creative side whilst balancing educational security was something that many people tried to convince me out of. My friends telling me I am wasting my time with my degree, my parents roasting me for thinking of becoming a musician.

Although I didn’t further pursue the music industry, I dabbled in the arts to find my creative outlet. I tried stand up comedy, spoken word, graphic design, film making and even sculpting. I loved everything about media, but I had trouble settling on a pursuit.

As years went by and the word of a genocide on my people (the Uyghurs) reached me, I found it very hard to pursue anything at all. With a degree to my name in a field that I had no intention of remaining in, and the guilt of pursuing the arts while my own family suffers in concentration camps was daunting me.

The darkness in my life led me down a spiritual path in hopes of finding solace, Alhamdulilah I found it. I was lucky enough to have a support system that pushed me to continue my education and use my creative skills to spread awareness regarding human rights violations around the world.

I remember hosting educational events that would only have a handful of participants whom I had to basically beg to attend. I remember crying late at night when I struggled with the endless essays because I couldn’t get my imprisoned cousin out of my mind.

The path I have chosen wasn’t an easy path; but now as I start to taste the fruits of the seeds I planted, I reminisce only of the good times. I’m not saying that I’ve “made it” but I am saying that I will hang in there no matter what, and it always pays off.

Climb when you can, hang in there if it becomes daunting. Focus on the view and how much better it can get as you elevate. See you on top.

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