Burning Out

Flushed out of ideas and running with a low tank of fuel.

The word slump was introduced to me this week, and I most definitely have felt this in my life.

I am stuck in between the narrative of the hardworking man who believes that being sleep deprived due to an overwhelming amount of work is success, and a self care loving individual who values true rest.

There are many different reasons to why we may feel burnt out. Mental, physical, spiritual, or emotional strain can all lead to a diminishment of energy levels. It is important to reflect on our recent life to find causes to why we may feel a certain way.

If you have been overworking your mind and constantly running scenarios in your head, sitting alone with your thoughts may not be the best way to cope. Exercise would be great, unless you already spent 12 hours on the job site working with tools. To deal with your negative mental state is to heal; and not all wounds heal the same.

The root to solving your problems in life is to first understand yourself, and through your self awareness you can build a catered plan. Look into your diet, your relationships, your sleep schedule and any other habits.

Although a day spa can be rejuvenating, it may not always be the answer to your lower energy levels. Be willing to try new things. I have found solace in fishing, rock balancing, hiking and I always look forward to finding new activities that could bring me comfort. To find that one really comfortable position on the couch you have to be willing to move yourself around uncomfortably first. You have to be willing to get uncomfortable to find true comfort.

If there is an overwhelming amount of work that needs to be finished, self care may mean that I need to stay up all night to make sure that your week isn’t hindered; make sure you don’t procrastinate on rest for too long. If finding motivation to work is a struggle, look back at the times in your life where your effort paid off and remind yourself of your initial goals and how far you have come since.

Keep well and use the coming month of Ramadan to heal physically, mentally and spiritually
Salam 🙂

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