What am I going to do with all these realizations?

In 2022 I’ve had many eye opening experiences.

When I was in LA for a video shoot I realized that anyone is capable of bringing change into this world, but how do I change to prepare myself?

Through the loss of my dear grandmother and several friends, the inevitability of my own death makes me think of the diminishing minutes I have left.

Through my fatigue and low energy levels on some days, I notice that my bad habits are leaching into my day to day life. Now what?

A person can have these quantum moments multiple times a day and yet still continue their same lifestyle. As I faced the man in the mirror, I nervously said “what are you going to do with all these realizations”.

When we hear these inspirational and motivational speakers, we oftentimes think that what they are saying is common knowledge. What we lack is not the ideas of how we can become better, but rather it is the action behind the statement.

It doesn’t pay to think of an idea. It barely pays to speak the idea into words. It is until you take action on what you had envisioned, that you can truly taste the fruits of the seeded ideas.

Now I am going to ask once again, both you and I, what are we going to do with all these realizations?

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