Here is another post on masculinity that you never asked for.

Yeah I’m a dude. Many of my dude friends like to play sports, shoot guns, work on cars, go camping and build stuff. Sometimes, when we run into a mat out somewhere, we will start wrestling one another for no apparent reason. These are dude things, but this is not what makes a man.

I live in a traditional household, where I watched my father and brother provide for us every single day. My role models are these providers. My father who makes it out to work even when he is sick, because he has accepted this duty. When there is something that needs to be repaired in the house, we as the men of the house take it upon ourselves to ensure safety for the household. When heavier objects need to placed somewhere, it is important for me not to wait around and help out my mother and sisters. When things get out of hand, we as men need to make sure that we step up to the frontlines and do what it takes.

Masculinity is dying out, too many boys are caught up over the acts of individual girls; complaining that society has deviated. They themselves being unqualified to speak on anyones behalf. Thin skinned, easily offended, hormones untamed, boys who are not stepping up to the platform to do men’s work. Simply taking to social media and sharing videos of false prophets who objectify women.

I am not in a place to publicly speak on what a woman should or shouldn’t be, and it disgusts me to see all this gender hate coming from both sides. Men complaining about women, women complaining about men.

For the gentlemen in the crowd, focus on yourself. What you see in the media isn’t the reality. Be the type of man that you speak about instead of just speaking about it. Stop complaining! I’ve had enough of guys complaining that “bro I swear there are no good girls left”, how can you disrespect your sisters like that.

There are plenty of good people left. It is when we succumb to what the algorithm feeds us that we have truly lost.

Stay focused gents, don’t give into the false narratives.

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