FUN: University Tour

For the past year, I have been going to different university campuses across North America to educate people about the “Uyghur Plight: What, Why and How we can help” . After the first tour we did in George Washington Law School, Yale and Harvard, we noticed that the awareness campaign needed an action plan section that would allow the participants of these talks to leave with solutions.

With months of research, critique from different organizations, and feedback from academics I was happy and with the presentation materials. Focussing on history, geopolitics and the most importantly a dedicated section on advocacy that people from all movements can benefit from.

Since last year we had managed to visit many prestigious Universities across North America with plans on continuing our efforts. Some of the schools I have spoken at include: Harvard, Yale, Stanford, Columbia, NYU, Georgetown, George Washington, Northeastern, UCLA, UCI, Cal Poly, UMD, UMBC, NY Law School, UBC, SFU and CUNY Brooklyn. If you are interested in organizing something with your community, feel free to reach out to me anytime 🙂

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