Do what you can

I am not the best speaker
But I will not sit in silence
I am not a revolutionary
But I will not sit in compliance

I am not satisfied with how things go,
As there are so many tears.
All the people struggling, many you know.
People are oblivious, yes even here!

I pray for a better day
When I get told to go back home
and I will smile and say I can’t wait
Because this is not where I’m from

I am Uyghur, from East Turkestan
Missing my family, my friends
Missing the street food and my land
Praying it will come to an end.

I cried today,

and a bit yesterday.

How beautiful is this planet?

To all the views and blessings I say,

I wish my cousin saw the same.

In a world full of greed,

Isn’t it prescribed in your creed

to help a man in need?

Here I am,

did you need me to plead.

You see he has been taken.

For no reason whatsoever.

China, you have mistaken.

Commit a crime,

he would never!

I miss him dearly,

AbduGhafur is his name

Confined arbitrarily

I wont let this go in vain.

I am no poet,

but times have changed.

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