Unexpected Predicaments

Be it an unnecessary awkward situation or a a flat tire on your way to the interview, the world is spontaneous. This summer I had many negative things happen, I blew a differential on 2 different cars, COVID, I found about my cousin being locked up for being Uyghur and the list goes on. I know that life is full of negative situations, I’ve faced many in the past and I’m sure the severity will only increase with time.

Life is also full of beauty, our sight, our sense of smell, our ability to create and do; forget the ability, the capacity to create is the most amazing thing. We tend to dwell on negative situations so much that we allow them to stop us from accomplishing our dreams and aspirations.

Pablo Picasso summed it up well; “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up”. Don’t allow your past to take away from the person you were born to be. Even though this year seems bad if I focus on the mishaps, I need to remember that this summer was amazing. They say you only witness miracles if you believe in them, I know people who are willing to believe that the entire world is against them rather than opening themselves up to living a good life.

If you had 1 video game that you could ever play and told you it sucks sometimes, would you try it out? Yes I agree with you, life also sucks sometimes, but we cannot allow ourselves to be let down by slight setbacks. Use the unexpected lessons in life to your best advantage and gain experience, keep your head up and keep going.

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