Dreams And Desires

Ramadan reflections got me pondering on the significance of having an agenda in your life. Too often we act subconsciously relying on our autopilot mode to kick in as we live our life day by day.

As I work towards my goals I often get distracted by my desires for quick gratification. Even as I actively remind myself of my goals, societal distractions manage to sway my attention. This is the unfortunate reality we live in.

As someone who likes to think that he is self aware, I still manage to get caught up in the false guidance presented to us by the media.

Fasting has made it easier for me to realize my own shortcomings in terms of controlling myself. Steadfastness in my agenda to reach my goals and improve myself is often impeded by subtle opinions of others, material desires, and most importantly media. Through refraining from eating, drinking, smoking and intimate activities it made it easier for me to focus on the attributes of life that are beneficial my character.

People often speak about allowing oneself to have breaks, slow down, to rest and be in a constant state of comfort. Why do we not encourage the struggle that builds towards a better day, where we can all rest?

Comfort requires effort, to enjoy a meal you have to work. To live in a loving family you have to be willing to put effort. To achieve your dream title you need to grind.

This doesn’t mean you need to beat yourself up trying to accomplish your dream. The river flows as the rain pours, but the rain only pours drip by drip. Consistency is key as we have to be constantly aware of our ultimate goals, regardless of our beliefs.

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