The means to the end.

I am convinced that the smartphones of today are the most impactful piece of technology to our society. It can be a powerful tool or a bottomless pit.

Recently I’ve been questioning the concept of productivity and what being productive really means. I haven’t really been getting paid for the work I do, causing my critics to question why it is that I am “wasting” my time. I have recently finished my education degree, and people get shocked when I tell them that I do not intend to jump into teaching full time. My dreams and aspirations may not align with what society’s expectations for me are. Hence why I want to shine some light on what productivity means.

Productivity is the effort towards achieving a product or a desired outcome. To be truly productive is to consistently work with the end in mind. The “end” being the purpose to your life. For many people their purpose is to make money, for others it can be family or fame; for me it is the eternal abode of heaven. The purpose of life being the end goal for us, the means to the “end” can be viewed as the meaning to life.

The question of how productive you want to be relates closely to the means you are willing to go through to achieve your desired outcome. Productivity is a weird topic, for if you have no interest for finance, getting A’s in every business class can become counter-productive. I do want to mention that I believe any journey for education has the capacity to be considered as productive, but through intention.

The key to staying productive is intention. If we make decisions and act with the end in mind, the means become crystal clear. Soon enough I hope to share some of the fruits of my labour with you all, and Inshalla I do hope that it will be sooner than later.

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