Consequences of Choices

You are free to choose, but you are not free from the consequences of said choice.

This has been a statement that I’ve been reflecting on for a little while now. Choosing everyday what it is that I could be doing; I’ve been asking myself what is it that needs to be done?

Last night I ran into a situation where I witnessed the results of someone who had a set of choices laid out in front of him. Unfortunately, his decisions led him to an overdose. There we were, a few strangers that were around the scene wondering about what just happened.

I wrote this post while I was in the City of Angels, Los Angeles. But I didn’t think that the angel of death would be in the same building as me.

I was in shock, we all were. A bunch of random individuals looking at each other wondering if anyone knew him?

There is a world of problems out there, in such an “advanced” city we still struggle with nuanced issues such as drug abuse. I wish there was someone who could’ve found him sooner, maybe if someone who had access to naloxone happened to walk by him before he took his last breath. But death doesn’t wait for anyone.

I wish I was making this story up, I was contemplating whether or not I should make this post. So here goes everything.

We are all given choices, we can succumb to the world and go into autopilot, forgetting about the real actions we can take to make the world a better place. Not just for ourselves but for everyone.

I pray that it gets easier for us to choose the right paths. Regardless of the outcome, we will not end this journey alive. There is no escape from the inevitable, but there are many opportunities to change our ultimate destination.

This world is temporary my friends, our time is already written down. Heaven on the other hand, that is eternal. Good luck on your journey. I pray you make the right choices.

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